A café-bar with its own Harry Potter-themed escape room is coming soon

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Accio, Harry Potter fans! Something special is brewing and you're invited to experience the magic.

Rehab Piccadilly, a café-bar in the historic city of York, England, has revealed that it will soon be opening its own Harry Potter-themed escape room attraction.

Owners Vicky Lu Evans and her husband Simon had previously submitted plans to create the venue in the basement of their café-bar, which opened in September last year. Now, they are working diligently to bring the project to life.

Photo by Rehab Piccadilly

"In Spring 2020, Rehab will also be opening up their escape rooms in the basement with two themes; Harry Potter for the kids (or grown-ups to be honest) and Guy Fawkes," reads the café-bar's website.

The escape rooms would be open for business from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. Groups will be required to put their wits together to solve puzzles, accomplish tasks, and ultimately escape from the enchanted room.

For now, the café-bar is ready to go—the cozy space is filled with large, rustic pine tables that take inspiration from China, Vicky's home country.

Photo by Rehab Piccadilly

"I always wanted a big, communal dining table," she told YorkMix. "It should help create a lively atmosphere."

With a fresh menu that includes several vegan options and a wide range of hot beverages, draught lagers, ales, and cocktails, Rehab Piccadilly is a great place to grab a coffee or a bite to eat.

Photo by Rehab Piccadilly

For more information, visit RehabPiccadilly.co.uk.


Photo: Harry Potter's bed in the Gryffindor dormitory room at the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London (Tony Hisgett/Flickr)

Editor's note: Business hours may be affected by the current COVID-19 outbreak. Please contact Rehab Piccadilly for the latest information with regard to changes in their business hours.

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