Air Canada is now allowing passengers to cancel flights for free

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The coronavirus pandemic has several travelers looking to cancel or reschedule their flights. In response to this demand, Air Canada has implemented a new policy that allows travelers to cancel their bookings online without any fees incurred.

The fee waiver is the airline's attempt to counter the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, which has caused bookings to plummet and cancellations to shoot up globally.

For flights purchased before March 4 for travel before April 30, travelers can cancel at no charge and receive an online credit towards a future flight, with the condition that the trip is made before the end of the year.


For flights purchased after March 4, travelers can cancel their flights at no charge up to two hours before their scheduled departure. An online credit will also be given that can be put towards travel that is booked and takes place before the end of the year.

Both options with the waived fees apply to all fare classes and will be available until April 30, 2020. An extension to the policy may be possible if the virus is still prevalent.

The terms and conditions of this policy as listed on the Air Canada website are as follows:

  • Tickets must be purchased directly from Air Canada or through your travel agent between March 4 and March 31, 2020 and travel must be completed by December 31, 2020.
  • Air Canada tickets can be identified by a 13-digit ticket number beginning with Air Canada’s code “014”. Tickets issued by other airlines with a different carrier code (ticket numbers not beginning with “014”) are subject to the waiver policy of the other airline.
  • A single change may be made without incurring a change fee provided it is completed at least 2 hours before the original departure date.
  • Any fare difference will apply and any residual value resulting from a lower fare will be lost.

Changes can be made online, through your travel agent, or by calling Air Canada Reservations. For more information, visit Air Canada.

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  • Shirley pattison Reply

    I booked a flight to Vancouver for August. I want to cancel due to the virus, but I want all my money back as this is not my doing. I do not want a credit till the end of the year. I want my money back due to something beyond my control. If I canceled because I changed my mind, that’s one thing, but I should not have to give up my money knowing we have no ideal when this is gonna end. How do we go about getting our money back?

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