Classic Canadian public service announcement hilariously reworked for social distancing

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Every Canadian who lived in the '90s will fondly remember those playful public service announcements that regularly aired on television. Intended to equip children with valuable knowledge, they are chiefly memorable for their clever teachings, catchy jingles, and sometimes creepy puppets.

Now, in this era of social distancing and self-isolation, it seems that these public service announcements are still relevant. Jeremy Brown, an award-winning director from Vancouver, has taken one of the beloved Canadian classics and reworked it for the coronavirus crisis.

The original public service announcement, which was released by the now-defunct Concerned Children's Advertisers under the title "Don't you put it in your mouth," featured two fuzzy blue puppets who sang about the dangers of putting foreign substances in your mouth. Amid reports of people in Vancouver (and elsewhere in Canada) refusing to follow social distancing measures set by the government, Brown had the genius idea to change the song's lyrics in order to teach the cynics a lesson.


"Reviving a Canadian after-school classic for the fight against COVID-19," reads the video's description.

He, like many other Canadians, are frustrated by people who are not taking this pandemic seriously. He thought that repurposing the video would be an impactful way to spread the message without having to leave his house to film something new. With 61,000 views and counting, it seems that he had the right idea.

"I decided to dust it off and give it a new message," he told Vancouver Is Awesome.


In Brown's version, the puppets hilariously tell you to wash your hands, avoid touching your "stupid" face, and "stay in your f--king house" because if you don't, you could make yourself and the people around you sick. His colleagues Jess Rivers and Shawn Penner provided the voiceovers and music, and they all collaborated via FaceTime to keep with social distancing measures.

There's no telling how much longer we will have to stay in our homes, but hopefully, Brown's video gives you the encouragement you need to hang in there.

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