WestJet warns recent passengers of possible coronavirus exposure on flights this month

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Passengers of WestJet flights that flew this month may have been exposed to the coronavirus, according to the airline.

An announcement was posted on the website on Tuesday night, listing six recent flights that carried passengers who tested positive for COVID-19. Prior to this, there were already eight other WestJet flights on the list of impacted flights.

"Guests in affected rows of the below flights are considered close contacts and may be at risk for exposure," reads the announcement. "Public health officials recommend that affected individuals self-isolate for 14 days after arrival and monitor symptoms."


"All guests who were on the listed flights, but not in the affected rows are advised to self-monitor for signs of cough, fever or respiratory issues and to call their local health authorities if symptoms arise within the next 14 days."

The impacted flights are listed below. WestJet advises guests to contact their primary care provider or local public health unit if they believe they have been exposed to COVID-19 or are experiencing its symptoms.

March 12

WestJet Flight 1447 (WS1447)

Las Vegas, Nevada to Edmonton, Alberta


Affected rows: 2-8

WestJet Flight 665 (WS665)

Toronto, Ontario to Calgary, Alberta

Affected rows: 19-27


WestJet Flight 1201 (WS1201)

LaGuardia, New York to Toronto, Ontario

Affected rows: 3-9

WestJet Flight 2311 (WS2311)

Cancun, Mexico to Calgary, Alberta


Affected rows: 32-38

WestJet Flight 3240, March 12 (WS3240)

Edmonton, Alberta to Grande Prairie, Alberta

Affected rows: 1-6


March 11

WestJet Flight 1157 (WS1157)

San Juan, Puerto Rico to Toronto, Ontario

Affected rows: 2-6

WestJet Flight 4 (WS4)

London, Gatwick to Toronto, Ontario


Affected rows: 10-16

March 10

WestJet Flight 3326 (WS3326)

Vancouver, British Columbia to Kelowna, British Columbia

Affected rows: 10-16


March 9

WestJet Flight 2643 (WS2643)

Liberia, Costa Rica to Toronto, Ontario

March 7

WestJet Flight 2644 (WS2644)

Toronto, Ontario to Liberia, Costa Rica

WestJet Flight 3440, March 7 (WS3440)

Toronto, Ontario to Moncton, New Brunswick


Affected rows: 7-11

March 5

WestJet Flight 2 (WS2)

London, Gatwick to Calgary, Alberta

March 3

WestJet Flight 2 (WS2)

London, Gatwick  to Calgary, Alberta


Affected rows: 7-14

February 28

WestJet Flight 1199 (WS1199)

Phoenix, Arizona – Toronto, Ontario

Affected rows: 18-22

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