You can ride an ATV on an allegedly haunted trail in Ontario

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What do you get when you mix ATVs with a haunted trail? A pure adrenaline rush. Adventurers looking for a different kind of thrill should head over to ATV Adventure Tours in Collingwood, Ontario, where you can ride through the thick of an allegedly haunted forest on four-wheelers.

ATV Adventure Tours is a premier ATV touring facility in Ontario that is open for business year-round, so you can ride in any season. They own and maintain a set of private trails, so even first-timers can safely enjoy the tours without any prior experience. Additionally, all of their Arctic Cat ATVs are fully automatic and training is provided to each participant before heading out onto the trails.

"Enjoy a day or evening ATV tour with us! Explore our haunted forests in the evening or enjoy the beautiful scenery during the day," reads the company's website. "Have a blast driving through mud puddles in the summer or plow through snowdrifts on a winter tour! We provide you with everything you need for a safe and fun ATV adventure."

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For a spooky trail experience, you'll want to book the night tour. Allegedly, the forests become haunted at night, and it has something to do with their nearby proximity to the Settlers Ghost Golf and Country Club. Past riders have reported sightings of legendary ghosts and ghouls. As you navigate through old forests, hills, and valleys in the dark of night, your headlights will be your only source of light, guiding the way.

Encounters with unexplainable movements, sounds, and paranormal activity are highly possible, so this tour is definitely not for the faint of heart. In fact, the staff does not recommend this as an option for children or those with heart conditions.

"Your cooperation and ability to remain calm in sudden and possibly frequent paranormal situations is imperative on this journey."

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If the night tour isn't for you, perhaps you'll enjoy the winter tour. They are the only ATV touring facility in the area that operates during the winter. Their trails are groomed like snowmobile trails, with some areas left rough to give riders a bit of a challenge.

"Our customers love the challenge of trying to make it through, but if you can’t, we can always winch you out," the website reads. "It’s all part of the fun! Enjoy the heated handlebar and thumb warmer to keep your hands nice and warm on this adventure you’ll never forget."

Safety equipment such as helmets and goggles are provided, however, the staff recommends that participants wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and durable footwear. Gloves are offered for an additional price.

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The prices for each type of vehicle are as follows:

  • Arctic Cat ATV: $119/hour
  • Polaris Ace Dune Buggy: $139/hour
  • Arctic Cat Prowler (two-seater): $149/hour
  • Passenger options: $35/hour

After a ghostly time out on the trails, you have the option to head to Blue Mountain Ski Resort just 15 minutes away from the forest. Wind back at the award-winning Scandinave Spa, or reserve a room for the night and explore the village under the stars.

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