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13 ethereal wonders that prove Canada is heaven on Earth

- What does heaven look like? It must be the ultimate paradise, where beauty is ubiquitous and peace is undisturbed. One might envision a place that is full of nature’s best offerings: sweeping green pastures, white-tipped mountains, crystal clear waters, and magnificent forests. But if that is the case, then heaven is already a place on […]

Ontario’s best kept secrets: little pockets of paradise in the Heartland

- When we think of paradise, we often envision some far off place in the tropics with white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and island breezes. Rarely might one consider Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, to be a premier choice for vacations or getaways. But a closer look into the Heartland province will reveal a surfeit of hidden […]

Canadian laws you may have broken without even knowing

- Canada is deemed by some to be a “unicorn” of sorts compared to other countries around the world. It possesses a particular brand of quirkiness and whimsy that is not only distinctly identifiable, but also highly intriguing to foreigners. Partly contributing to that eccentricity is a collection of obscure Canadian laws that, for some reason, […]

Canada’s No Name brand is like the Canadian Off-White

- There are few things in Canada that are accepted as unequivocal symbols of Canadian identity: the maple leaf, the double-double, the red and black flannel, and—perhaps more subtle than the rest but no less meaningful—the ever-present No Name. The budget brand, which has served Canadians for more than four decades, has established itself as a […]

Economic expert supports a four-day workweek across Canada for the post-pandemic

- The four-day workweek has long been regarded as nothing more than a pipe dream for Canadians. However, since the emergence of the coronavirus, that wistful outlook has taken an optimistic turn. Now, a four-day workweek doesn’t seem so unattainable anymore. In fact, in a post-pandemic world, it may be exactly what Canada needs to bring […]

Surreal places you may not know exist in Canada

- Canada’s much-revered diversity is not only represented by its multiculturalism, but also by its impressive collection of surreal places. As the second-largest nation in the world, Canada encompasses four of the five major biomes, making it home to a glut of natural wonders that are unlike any other. The sheer pulchritude of these geographic marvels […]

Canadian passport ranks among the top 10 most powerful in the world for 2020

- The Canadian passport has managed to retain a top ten spot in a ranking of the world’s most powerful passports for 2020. Provided every year by the Henley Passport Index, the ranking considers the “power” of each passport based on how many destinations the holder can visit without the need for a visa. This year, […]

Greece is lowering the cost of its flights to reinvigorate tourism

- The coronavirus pandemic has struck a heavy blow on several nations whose economies rely on tourism. For months, their borders have remained closed, bringing international travel to a near-standstill. In anticipation of the world’s reopening, places like Italy, Mexico, and now Greece, are offering incentives to encourage tourists to visit. Back in May, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, […]