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Canadians may have to spend Christmas this year in isolation, according to models

- Christmas might be a little different for Canadians this year. While it is unclear exactly how long the social distancing and home isolations will need to continue, recent pandemic models out of Ontario and other places indicate that the health crisis may persist well beyond this year’s Christmas season. According to provincial health officials, projections […]

This is how long Canadians will have to keep social distancing, experts say

- It’s been two full weeks since the coronavirus pandemic first took our country by storm. Back in early March, when cases began to skyrocket across Canada, federal and provincial governments scrambled to contain the growing outbreaks. New emergency policies were introduced almost every day; each one seemingly stricter than the last. Now, the entire nation […]

Ontarians “don’t have to pay rent” if they can’t afford it

- Ontario tenants will have to make the difficult decision of whether or not to pay their rent on April 1. As the coronavirus pandemic persists, a desperate call for the province to enforce a rent freeze is gaining momentum, especially among renters who have lost their jobs or are faced with looming unemployment. According to […]

You can play the ‘Settlers of Catan’ board game with your friends online for free

- While the world waits behind closed doors for the coronavirus pandemic to pass, many people are running out of activities to occupy themselves with. As it turns out, watching Netflix, playing video games, and endless scrolling through social media feeds can get old real quick. In order to survive these trying times, one must find […]

You could be charged with terrorism for intentionally spreading coronavirus

- There are people who refuse social distance protocols, and then there are people who deliberately seek to spread the coronavirus. As unfathomable as that is, the latter group of people does exist, and the Department of Justice (DOJ) has a serious warning for them. Those who intentionally spread the coronavirus could face terrorism charges for […]

Diabetics at higher risk of serious complications from coronavirus

- Preliminary research by the World Health Organization shows that people with underlying medical issues are at higher risk of serious complications, or even death, from the novel coronavirus. Among the pre-existing conditions listed, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are the most concerning. For diabetics, which represent 9.4 percent of the American population, […]

Jeff Bezos could probably save the world right now. So where is he?

- It only took three months for the world to completely turn on its head. Since the beginning of the year, the novel coronavirus has spread to a total of 196 countries, afflicting 420,000 people and taking 19,000 lives. Panicked governments are fighting tirelessly to contain the unforgiving outbreaks. Healthcare systems are struggling to stay afloat […]

Niagara Falls: a ghost town during the day, a beacon of hope during the night

- On any typical day, Niagara Falls is a booming metropolis that never sleeps. At the start of this year, it was full of life as usual, with thousands of visitors lining its streets and thriving businesses on every corner. Now, the place is so empty that it is almost unrecognizable. With the coronavirus pandemic in […]

Classic Canadian public service announcement hilariously reworked for social distancing

- Every Canadian who lived in the ’90s will fondly remember those playful public service announcements that regularly aired on television. Intended to equip children with valuable knowledge, they are chiefly memorable for their clever teachings, catchy jingles, and sometimes creepy puppets. Now, in this era of social distancing and self-isolation, it seems that these public […]