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Novel coronavirus predicted to become as common as the cold and flu

- We’re used to cold and flu seasons, but could we be seeing a coronavirus season in the future? Experts think that the novel coronavirus will likely become the newest commonplace sickness to take up a permanent place in the repertoire of human respiratory viruses. Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease expert at the Johns Hopkins Centre […]

Canada is now hiring nurses to fight the coronavirus pandemic

- As the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise in Canada, the nation seeks to hire a new wave of nurses to respond to growing public health demands. The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has listed the job posting on the Government of Canada website calling for available nurses across the country to apply. […]

Coronavirus: Canada, U.S. urged to suspend rent and mortgage payments

- As coronavirus continues to take the world by storm, politicians everywhere are in a race against time to implement emergency measures to help their people and the economy. Italy, which has become the epicenter of the global pandemic, recently moved to suspend rent and mortgage payments as the country continues to grapple with the crisis. […]

You can ride an ATV on an allegedly haunted trail in Ontario

- What do you get when you mix ATVs with a haunted trail? A pure adrenaline rush. Adventurers looking for a different kind of thrill should head over to ATV Adventure Tours in Collingwood, Ontario, where you can ride through the thick of an allegedly haunted forest on four-wheelers. ATV Adventure Tours is a premier ATV […]

The Lamplighter Inn: a tropical-themed gem in Ontario

- If you’ve got a case of the travel bug but don’t have the luxury to hop on a plane, the immediate alternative you can opt for is a staycation. It might seem underwhelming to spend your off days close to home, but if you go to the right places, you can still have yourself an […]

Side of building with "You've changed" painted in large letters

Unshakeable rumors and the expiration date for “knowing someone”

- “This town is too small. Everyone knows everyone. Friends are secretly enemies. Enemies make more enemies. Rumors and lies spread like wildfire, and before you know it, everyone’s behind your back; even people you’ve never met before. You try keeping to yourself and somehow you’re still the gossip. You try forgetting about your mistakes but […]

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Let Canadians work from home: coronavirus considerations for companies

- OPINION: This is a bigger deal than you may think. Media outlets have been accused of over-sensationalizing the coronavirus pandemic, but perhaps they are just reporting things as they are. Maybe they are coming from a reasonable place. We have had decades to study the common cold and the flu, but this strain of coronavirus, […]